Mavis Pusey Abstract Painting

"My work consists of geometrical forms in a variety of geometrical configurations. These forms are based on buildings around the Manhattan area. I am insprired by the energy and the beat of the construction and demolition of these buildings -- the tempo and movement mold into a synthesis and, for me, become another aesthetic of abstraction."







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Mavis Pusey Paintings

Mavis Pusey Painting Nuvae

Oil on Canvas
30" x 40.5"

Mavis Pusey Painting Re-Gentrification
Oil on Canvas
33" x 24"

Mavis Pusey Painting Sphae
Oil on Canvas
38" x 51"

Untitled Painting by Mavis Pusey
Oil on Canvas
42" x 53"
Mavis Pusey Painting Nexus
Oil on Canvas
50" x 45"
Mavis Pusey Painting Solitude
Oil on Canvas
29.5" x 47.5"

Mavis Pusey Painting Personante
Oil on Canvas
53.5" x 75"